Thursday, May 21, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Well it has been a very busy few weeks! We've been taking advantage of the short periods of warm weather we have been having in between the rain/snow and got started on some much needed yard projects. Perhaps the biggest project that we have tackled was building our fence over the long weekend! :) A big thank you to those who helped us out, it turned out great! Now we just need a nice warm rain and some hot sun so that our grass can begin to grow.

Before we started the fencing project, Quinn and I made a quick trip down to Kipling to look at a new horse. We came home with Rino (pronounced Rhino) who is a grade 7 year old QH/Clyde cross. Still green but has a great heart and just needs some miles. He will be a great mount of Quinn and I'm sure they are going to learn a lot together!

We had just finished with our fencing and making plans for our next big project when Chevy decided it was time for puppies! They were right on schedule and now we have 8 healthy lab puppies! Chevy is a wonderful mother and is taking very good care of them. There are 4 girls and 4 boys....and they are all very cute!

There is still so much work to do around here I don't think it will ever get finished. Seems as if we finish one project just in time to find 10 more that need to be started. Someday this place is going to be beautiful!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Well I THOUGHT spring was here. The snow melted, it got warm, then it snowed. Snow melted, got warm, and then it snowed. The snow melted and I thought surely it was finely spring. I was excited to get outside and started cleaning things up right away. I got my flower beds dug up and cleaned up some fallen trees around the yard. Yesterday it was a beautiful 22C outside! The sun was shining after work so I got on the lawn mower and got most of the lawn done with plans to pick it all up the following evening. The next morning I wake up....cloudy. Uh oh, better check the forecast....rain. Ugh. And then, when I thought spring had finally arrived, IT SNOWED TODAY!

The nerve of Mother Nature. getting me excited for spring and then throwing this out there. I HOPE this is the last snowfall of the year because I don't know how much more I can take.

On another note: I think I may have found a new home for Sami. We have been looking for some time for the right place for her and there is the possibility I have found it. I won't say anything more for now but watch for updates.

And, for those that know how much I was dreaming of spots.....I think I found a few spots on Luna's butt!!! All you none-horse people (or non-appy lovers) feel free to laugh now, but I was estatic! Knowing my luck they are likely just the last bit of winter hair or something goofy like that...but I have my fingers crossed!