Friday, February 6, 2009

Warm Weather + Horseback ride = Perfection

Well yesterday I was determined to enjoy the wonderful break from the deep freeze we have been stuck in and left work a little early to enjoy it. Zipped home to find 2 happy dogs running around the yard. Even Virgo was having fun today! After some quick hellos and a few throws of the ball, it was out to the barn to saddle up and head out for a horseback ride It was beyond wonderful! It is days like yesterday that really make me love being back on the farm. Bunny was happy to be out and pranced around like a youngster. Everything about the ride was just what I had been craving. Today its colder and cloudy out but I'm really hoping for more winter days like yesterday!

This is another reason I love the country. These were taken back in January over several days and are unedited. Enjoy.

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