Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elk Flats Update

Someone asked me the other day why I called my blog Elk Flats. I thought I had mentioned it when I started this thing but I guess not. Elk Flats was the name that came with the place. It was the name that was listed on the realty website and is simply what this particular quarter section was called. My reasoning to the name...its flat...and there is a herd of elk who live in the area. Pretty straight forward :) This winter we have seen more mule deer and moose in our yard but there has been a herd of elk around here since I was a kid.

Not a whole lot new in the homestead of Elk Flats these days. Family Day long weekend brought me the flu and I spent most of Sunday & Monday laying around the house. Slowly starting to feel better but definately not 100% yet. Wasn't feeling that great but I forced myself to go to a horseback riding lesson on Sunday. Even though my stomach was doing flip flops, it was well worth it. I'm really loving my lessons, Renee is a great coach!

This weekend we are planning a trip to the cabin with a few friends. I haven't been up there yet this year so I'm looking forward to it. It will also be Virgo's first trip up there and I have my fringers crossed it will go well. No easy why it wouldn't, but you never know I suppose.

Seems like everytime I blink someone else is getting engaged! Congrats on the latest ones to join the club, Todd & Brea! I won't lie, I'm VERY excited for your finally gave me a reason to get Quinn on a plane and down to Mexico. And thank you also for having a winter wedding...I don't think our summer could handle any more this year!

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