Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer is speeding by

Its official, I'm a blog reader and not a blog writer.

A quick re-cap for those who I have not talked to in awhile:

- My last post is about fencing. We got the fence finished and the grass and wheat we seeded came up...along with a LOT of volunteer canola. The birdsfoot tresfoil we seeded with our grass prevented us from spraying. So, we put up a cross fence and are now keeping the horses on about 5 acres of the 22 we fenced. The rest has now bloomed and we are actually going to harvest the wheat/canola mess this fall!

- We found the 10 acre slew at the back of our quarter makes perfect hay. So we cut it and now have 40 bales for the winter. :) There are a lot of weeds so next spring we plan to spray and possibly put a bit of extra grass seed back there so that we will have a nice hayfield that will easily feed all of our horses.

- We attended a couple trail rides and had a blast on each of them. Met some really great people and had a lot of fun. Quinn's new horse, Rino is doing wonderful and they are getting along really well. We've done a lot of riding this summer and its been so great to be able to walk out our door and have the horses right there.

- Wedding season has started. So far we've only been to two weddings (both beautiful!) but our August and September are full. If you want to visit on the weekend you had better call first...chances are we are at a wedding.

- We actually skipped a wedding (congrats Erin & Scott) to spend August long weekend camping with some friends along the Esker Trail. It was a great trip! We all had a blast. A couple photos for your all:

-Thoroughout the past few months we've also been doing a lot of yard work. Its all coming...slowly...and we keep getting more and more plans on the list. I'm sure one day our list will be empty and we'll have a beautiful yard! For now, I'm just happy to have a bit of the junk that was laying around gone and some flowers growing in my flower beds! We still haven't pruned our orchard yet but that is just another thing on our list.

- And lastly, all of our puppies are now gone. They all went to wonderful homes and I hear from a few of them that they are doing well. Seems they got thier mother's brains as everyone has commented on how smart thier puppies are and how quickly they catch on to things. Always nice to hear comments like that. I miss the little guys but 8 puppies is a lot of work.....its nice to sleep in a bit in the mornings now! :)

I'm sure I've missed a lot, but that gives you all a quick idea of what has been happening over the past few months. Things to look forward to this fall: Golburn Fair and more weddings!

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